A sport horse can only perform well if it is regularly trained by experienced horsemen. As a complex animal each horse has to be trained not only physically but also mentally to be able to meet the high expectations of a sport horse. Also leisure horses have to be trained to keep their current performance level and to correct irregularities in their locomotive system.

All trainers at Dutch Premium Horses have long standing reputations as trainers and riders in their discipline. Many a Dutch sport horse left our stables to join the international competition. Only dedicated training by experts and close monitoring of the horse’s wellbeing makes this possible.

However, not only the horse has to be trained. An independent seat together with precise riding aids are inevitable tools for each rider, necessary not only to keep the horse on its present level of education but to extend its capabilities.

In well-equipped stables Dutch Premium Horses offers specialized workshops to improve the riding techniques of our students and teach them classical horse training methods. All courses can be tailored to our customer’s wishes. For more information please contact us.